Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Why are homes in my community going solar?

  • A: With national utility rates rising by an average of 5% every year, residential solar now presents a more affordable option for millions of homeowners. With many zero-money down solar programs available, Floridians are taking notice and capitalizing on the energy savings and added home value from this clean, renewable alternative. Here's what you should know if your neighbor is going solar.

Q:​ What is net metering?

  • A: Instead of paying for electricity, solar homeowners can get paid for the electricity they make! Florida passed legislature in 2008 mandating that utility providers operating within the state must compensate homeowners ​for the excess energy generated by residential renewable energy systems, such as solar.

Q:​ How much does it cost to go solar?

  • A: Our goal with every system design proposal is to show the homeowner savings from the very first month with no money out of pocket! System prices and designs vary based on factors such as energy consumption, roof space, roof orientation, etc. Every home is different, and every homeowner has different energy needs. For a full energy assessment and solar quote, please schedule a consultation.

Q:​ Why do you need my utility bill for a solar quote?

  • A: The utility bill for any given home has important information such as energy usage history and current cost of electricity. The best way to accurately design a solar system proposal for a homeowner is to use the key metrics detailed on the utility bill as a starting point!

Q:​ Do I need a storage battery?

  • A: It is a common misunderstanding that a solar system needs a battery to operate properly. Storage batteries are entirely optional and their functionality may be more valuable to some homeowners than others. We evaluate the need for a battery on a case-by-case basis

Q:​ Do I need a brand new roof to go solar?

  • A: In most cases no. It is recommended that a roof should be no older than 15 years when considering a solar home improvement. The condition of the roof's foundation will ultimately determine the feasibility of any proposed project. 

Q:​ Does solar add value to a home upon sale?


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